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Šaber furniture produced single furniture elements, furniture sets, furniture, eaves, decorative elements exterior and interior. Manufacture program is adapted is self to buzer"s claims. Modern design and high quality materials are the initial stage of produstion priority Saber.

Saber furniture

Manufacture and sale of furniture

In production, wood, metal, panel, mediapan, prochrom are used ... In addition to painting with polyurethane paints and varnishes, the finalization is performed also by the plastification of individual elements. For upholstery, it is used: leather, eco leather, velor leather, a large range of high quality color and patterned toys, at the request of the customer.

The company Šaber has a long family tradition that begins in the late 1980s by expanding its range of products through metal and wood, and rounding up the production process, it receives complete furniture production.


About us

Šaber furniture produces individual elements, garden furniture, chairs, awnings, decorative elements of interior and exterior. The production program is fully customized to the requirements of customers. Modern design and quality materials are just the starting point for the advantages of furniture manufacturing Šaber.



Gorjani bb, 31000 Užice, Serbia

We receive all orders via email: zeljkosaber@gmail.com or via the contact form.

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